Frequently Asked Questions

?What's the best way to put Bee Lasso out?
Because of the gauge of the Bee Lasso, A quick flick of the Bee Lasso should extinguish the flame. Then just pinch the ember to completely extinguish. It's incredibly easy and much safer then knock off cheap hemp wicks.
?Does Soundrone make Bee Lasso?
Well, Soudrone started out making "Soundrone Organic Hemp Wick" for himself and his friends, just in very small batches. People in the flesh world as well as You Tube kept asking for his hemp wick and Soundrone simply could not keep up with the demand.Then DING a light went off.Currently a professional manufacturer does all the actual production for Soundrone to his exact specification.(And damn he is picky)Soundrone now acts as a quality control agent.Soundrone inspects every spool of product and takes samples for inspection and for personal use. Soundrone does do the sample mailing. Soundrone gets a lot of fan mail and the fans like to leave their phone number because Soundrone likes to call his customers to see how they like his product and film it for youtube.
?Is there only one thickness of Bee Lasso?
A lot of research has gone into finding the perfect gauge as to not add any undue flavor yet be thick enough to stay lit. As of right now we are only doing one gauge. The thicker gauges are extremely hard to extinguish and pose a fire threat. If we start to have tons of requests for it we would possibly produce some to see how they do. For now all that is available is one thickness. Some users report doubling up in windy outdoor situations.
?I found some hemp wick. Is it safe to use like Bee Lasso
The bee lasso is made with 100% Certified Organic Hemp and Organic Bees Wax. lots of time and research went into testing this product for human consumption. Wicks are generally covered in a oil based or paraffin wax coating because of costs.We do not advise anyone to make their own version of a smoking wick. We also do not advise anyone using ANYTHING other that what is designed for these applications. Home made wick is inconsistent and is very messy and may drip and flair up at times and poses a fire threat.
?What are some of the reported uses for Bee Lasso
Lighting of High End Cigars - Lighting of Medical Herbs - Lighting Of BBQ

Lighting of Stove - Lighting of campfire - Waterproof Camping light - Lighting of Lanterns

Lighting of Tall Candles - Candle Wick Replacement

Hemp Jewelry

Waterproof Plant Tie

Heat resistant cooking string. (Turkey String)

?Is Bee Lasso made in the USA?
If we could source hemp from ANYWHERE in the states, we would. Due to the legal issues surrounding the cultivation of cannabis there are no legal sources for hemp in America. Bee Lasso in an American company.