Healthy For You

Bee lasso is a safe and healthy alternative to toxic, harsh, land filling lighters. Mostly used for lighting of medical herbs, high end cigars, and much more.


Fresh Tasting

By using Bee lasso to light your smokeables The first thing you will notice is taste. You have no idea of the masking properties of burnt fossil fuels from lighters.

Eco Friendly

Using Bee Lasso as a lighter substitute will greatly decrease on toxic lighter's waste over filling our already saturated landfills by 42% per person. Mother Earth will thank you!

Soundrone Approved

Bee Lasso is the ONLY hemp wick Youtube personality "Soundrone" will ever use, due to it's remarkable taste, ease of use and most importantly, health benefits.

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You can get a FREE sample by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to:


PO Box 494144

Redding ,CA 96049

You must send a signed statement that you are 18 to receive samples.


one example might be ...

" My name is ________ and i am at least 18 years old. I would like a free sample of Bee Lasso. "


Make sure to send signed age statement. envelopes with no statement will not be returned.Write Bee Lasso sample somewhere, and if you would like to be in a future video include your phone number too.


Soundrone may call you to see how you like the product and film it for a internet video. It takes approximately  3 to 4 weeks to receive sample back in mail



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